The Benefits of Occupational Medicine

What Are the Benefits of Occupational Medicine?

At Dr. Gil’s, our occupational health specialists treat many new and current patients each month. Our services focus mainly on employee drug screening, physical exams, and the treatment of work-related accidents and injuries. Read today’s blog to learn how occupational medicine benefits employers in the community.

What Is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational medicine (aka occupational health) focuses on the treatment of workplace injuries and illnesses. At Dr. Gil’s, our nurse practitioners are highly skilled in diagnosing and treating work-related injuries. We comply with federal and state regulations for workplace health and safety, including OSHA, DOT, and FAA. We also work directly with employers to keep their employees safe and healthy while they’re on the job.   

How Does Occupational Medicine Benefit Employers?

Excellent Communication

Clear communication is a necessary trait for any occupational health center. Disclosure benefits both the employers and our patients. Our experienced staff communicates clearly with patients on the treatment that we’re providing. We also inform you of the status of your employee(s), so you know when they’ll be ready to return to work.    

Increased Safety

Dr. Gil’s is committed to keeping workplaces and the highway safe. In addition to treating workplace accidents and injuries, we perform pre-employment physicals and testing to ensure that your employees are equipped for their job duties before they begin. Having your employees tested prior to starting work can help keep your business running and give you peace of mind as you maintain a safe work environment. 

Reduced Expenses 

When an employee suffers a workplace injury, he or she may require multiple medical visits. These visits can add up, and worker’s compensation cases can put a financial strain on businesses. But at Dr. Gil’s, we deliver prompt services and help injured employees recover quickly to minimize their time out of work. By doing this, we can reduce expenses for the employer. Don’t send your employees to the expensive and impersonal ER. Dr. Gil’s is your solution.   

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