Dr. Gil Explains More About DOT Physicals

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From grocery stores to hospitals, many businesses rely on truck drivers to safely deliver materials and everyday goods. Truck drivers must be able to see clearly on the road and be aware of what is around them at all times. Before they start, your drivers will need to pass a DOT exam to make sure they can safely operate their vehicles. Today, Dr. Gil explains more about DOT physicals and what your drivers can expect during the exam. 

What Is a DOT Physical?

If your company hires commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires them to complete and pass a DOT physical exam. This medical screening confirms that your drivers have no health issues that could interfere with their driving ability. It exposes any physical, cognitive, or emotional issues that may impair their performance for long durations while they drive.     

Point of Clarification: This exam might seem like the other physicals your drivers have had in the past. However, truck drivers are required to take a specific test that meets federal DOT guidelines before they are permitted to hit the road. Your drivers do NOT have to forgo eating before a DOT physical. 

What Should Your Drivers Expect?

Dr. Gil will look at the status of your driver’s current health and medical history to decide whether they are physically fit to drive a commercial motor vehicle. Will any past or recent surgeries or medical conditions impact their ability to do the job safely? Dr. Gil’s will try to answer this question. From there, we will test various aspects of your driver’s health, including their pulse, blood pressure, hearing, and vision in both eyes. The DOT physical will also include a drug test.

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Where Can I Get a DOT Physical in Springfield, MO?

If your driver(s) need a DOT physical, choose Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care. We are a certified medical examiner, and we offer good prices on our physicals and testing. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us online, give us a call, or drop by and see us today! We’re located at 3000 E. Division St., Springfield, MO 65802 (across from Springfield Freightliner & Kum N’ Go). 




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