Dr. Gil Explains What You Should Know About Pre-Employment Physicals

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If you’re searching for a job, an employer may ask you to pass a physical exam, either during the interview process or before they make an offer. It’s common for a prospective employer to require applicants to take a physical exam, but the type of exam often depends on the nature of the job. In today’s blog, Dr. Gil covers pre-employment physicals, including some types of physical exams, and more.    

What Is a Pre-Employment Physical?

A pre-employment physical is an exam that a medical professional gives to an employee who has accepted a job. At Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care, our physicals evaluate the candidate’s ability to perform the functions of their job before they start. Pre-employment physicals help reduce workplace injuries and also allow us to identify potential special needs that the employee may have when working for their employer.

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What Happens Next?

After the exam, our medical examiners provide a report to the employer saying whether or not the employee is fit for the job that they’ve been offered. We’ll also specify if any accommodations would be needed for the employee prior to starting their job. 

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) covers most of the rules concerning pre-employment physicals. According to ADA, the physical exam must be relevant to what the job applicant will be doing and should only be required after a job has been offered. This civil right law also protects disabled job applicants against discrimination. ADA applies to private companies, state and local government employers, labor organizations, and employment agencies. At Dr. Gil’s, we maintain compliance with all state and federal regulations overseeing physicals.

Physical Exams – Determining Needs

Health or fitness is a job requirement for many employees, such as firefighters, police officers, truck drivers, and industrial workers. The team at Dr. Gil’s is friendly and experienced, and we understand all the expectations and duties of these jobs. To determine which pre-employment tests are suitable for your workplace, contact Dr. Gil’s today.

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Physicals & Testing in Springfield, MO

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