Dr. Gil Identifies the Top Qualities That Make a Good Doctor

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There are many different types of doctors who excel in different fields. However, there are some common characteristics that most patients expect their physicians to have. Today on the blog, Dr. Gil identifies the top qualities of a good doctor. 

Precise Knowledge 

A doctor’s credentials are of utmost importance to patients. You need to be certain that your physician is knowledgeable in his/her practice area and can meet your needs. Whether it’s treating workplace injuries, performing physicals, or sharing the results of a drug test, our distinct knowledge and attention to detail allows us to give our patients an accurate diagnosis. We also want our patients to be able to make decisions based on the knowledge that we provide them.   

Professional Experience

Next, a patient wants to know how experienced the doctor is and how successful they’ve been in the medical field. Dr. Gil Mobley is an experienced emergency room physician who puts the patient’s best interest in mind. As an independently-owned practice, Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care has been a community staple in Springfield for nearly 20 years. We have a dedicated staff of highly trained professionals, and we comply with state and federal regulations for all our testing.     


As a patient, your interaction with the primary care physician may be brief. Doctors are busy professionals, but showing compassion and being sensitive to the patient’s needs can go a long way. Each patient deserves to be treated with respect and kindness, and they will remember the physicians who listen to them and empathize with their situation. At Dr. Gil’s, our staff is friendly, attentive, and compassionate, and we provide outstanding, personalized care.

Honest Communication

Finally, patients value straightforward communication from their physician, even if it’s bad news. It’s essential for the doctor to speak clearly and use simple terms that the patient can understand. A good doctor will also take the time to answer all of the patient’s questions and convey genuine concern when giving a diagnosis. Honest communication between the physician and patient creates a human connection that can be a source of renewal for doctors as they go through the daily grind.   

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