Post-Accident Drug Testing: Some Things to Know

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Dr. Gil Explains Post-Accident Testing

At Dr. Gil’s, we can perform post-accident testing after an employee has been involved in a work-related accident. This type of testing helps determine whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the incident. The procedure often raises many questions, and Dr. Gil has the answers. Here are some things you should know about post-accident testing. 

How Does Post-Accident Testing Work?

Drug use can cause an employee to become impaired, which can lead to a work accident. Employers should establish criteria for how and when testing will occur and outline post-accident procedures in the substance abuse policy. Typically, all work accidents are reported to a company representative, who will then decide whether to implement testing. Examples include fatalities, injuries that require medical assistance, or significant damage to a vehicle or property.

If an incident occurs that meets the criteria, notify the employee, and give instructions for how to complete the test. Provide safe transportation to the medical clinic.

What Are Common Methods for Post-Accident Drug Testing? 

Dr. Gil’s primarily uses urine sampling for drug testing, but we can also use oral fluid (saliva). The oral fluid method can detect recent drug use and makes it extremely difficult for the employee to cheat.   

What Drugs Are Detected?

Our post-accident testing checks for illicit drug use: amphetamines, cocaine, THC, phencyclidine, opiates, as well as alcohol. Employers can test for as many substances as they want, including prescription drugs.   

How Soon Should Employees Be Tested After an Accident?

Following an accident, Dr. Gil’s performs a drug test as soon as possible. We’re on call 24/7 for post-accident testing and treatment. Different drugs can have different windows of detection, so the testing should be completed within 12 hours of the incident. It’s best for employees to not return to work until after they receive the test results.   

While the results may determine drug use, a positive result can’t prove that drug use directly caused an accident. 

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What Are the Benefits of Post-Accident Testing?

Many employers invest in post-accident testing because it can help them assess whether unsafe work practices may link to drug use. Another benefit is that post-accident testing can deter drug use among employees, especially if they’ve been involved in a previous accident. Furthermore, it offers employers peace of mind if they know that drugs did not influence the workplace accident. 

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Post-Accident Testing at Dr. Gil’s 

Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care has been a community staple for nearly 20 years. If you’d like to implement post-accident drug testing for your business, contact us today. We offer after-hours service with a 24-hour on-call medical staff for all post-accident and reasonable suspicion needs.  



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