Drug Screen Solutions


Our Mission

Dr. Gil’s provides a full range of drug testing and alcohol testing for employees working in non-regulated and regulated industries. We comply with state and federal regulations for all of our testing, which includes DOT drug screenings, on-site drug testing, hair collection testing, and more. 


Why Drug Testing Is Important

Drug testing is an essential part of the hiring and employment process, and it’s often the best way to guarantee the safety of your workplace. When you have your employees drug tested by our trained staff of certified collectors, you reduce the chances of an accident or a work-related injury. 

Your industry may also enforce drug testing as a legal requirement. If the Department of Transportation or Department of Labor regulates your business, the law requires that you drug test your employees and schedule recurring physicals and tests.


Who Do We Treat?

Regardless of your drug testing needs, we make the process easy and affordable. We provide fast, secure, and impartial drug testing for these purposes:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Post-Accident
  • Random
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Return-to-Work


About Dr. Gil’s
Drug Tests

Employers often include drug testing in their health programs. Whether it’s illicit drugs or prescription medications, drug-free workplaces are safer for employees, coworkers, and customers. Employers frequently offer pre-employment and random drug screens, as well as post-accident testing following a work-related injury.


How Long Does It Take to Administer a Drug Test?

At Dr. Gil’s, we primarily use urine sampling for drug testing. All DOT drug tests are collected and sent to a SAMHSA certified lab for testing and reporting, typically averaging 24-48 hours for a result unless further testing is required. Otherwise, we utilize rapid drug test (dip cards) that give a collector a result in minutes! We also offer oral fluid and hair follicle collections as well.     

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We’re on-call 24/7 for Post-Accident/Reasonable Suspicion Testing & Treatment. To learn more about the employer drug tests we provide, and to protect your employees’ safety, contact Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care today.