Physicals & Testing


Our Mission

At Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care, we provide many types of regulated and non-regulated physical exams, including DOT Physicals, Walk-In Physicals, Pre-Employment Physicals, and much more. We maintain compliance with all federal and state regulations governing physicals. No appointment is necessary. 


Pre-Employment Physicals

Many industries require pre-employment screenings before placement to decrease health and safety risks in the workforce. Our physicals assess the applicants’ ability to complete their job duties before they begin.

With Dr. Gil’s pre-employment physicals, you can reduce workplace injuries by ensuring the job applicant can perform their functions safely before they are hired. Contact our team to discover which pre-employment tests are appropriate for your workplace.


DOT Physicals

Drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) are required by Federal law to schedule regular physicals under the Department of Transportation. Your CMV driver must have a valid DOT card to be out on the road.  

DOT physicals are designed to explore mental or physical issues that can impair safe driving. Our certified medical examiners understand the DOT requirements and make sure your drivers will be safe on the road. At our facility, a DOT physical takes approximately 20-30 minutes, on average. 


Other Physical Exams

Some other examples of what we provide include:

  • Return to Work Physicals
  • School/Sport Clearance Physicals
  • PHA Physicals
  • OSHA-compliant physicals
  • Hazmat physicals
  • Respirator Clearance Exams

The cost of an employee physical depends on which one you need. For questions about the cost or what to expect during a physical, give us a call!


Other Health Services

We offer a wide range of occupational health services, including but not limited to: 

  • Audiometric Exam (hearing)
  • PFTs (Pulmonary Function)
  • Vendormate Requirements
  • Vaccinations & Blood Titers
  • TB Skin Tests
  • Flu Shots

To learn more about these health services, call Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care today.  

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