What Are the Benefits of Random Drug Testing?

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Many businesses have drug testing policies that indicate how and when the company screens for drug use. Pre-employment drug screening helps prevent the hiring of drug-using applicants, but random drug testing is a better way to prohibit drug use among current workers. Today on the Dr. Gil blog, read more about how random drug testing benefits employers.   

What Is Random Drug Testing?

Random drug testing is a program where the employer uses a random selection process (usually computer-generated) to choose one or more individuals from an employee pool to go through drug testing. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requires federally mandated, safety-sensitive workers to undergo random drug testing. Some non-regulated employers also conduct random drug testing on their employees to deter employee drug use.

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The Benefits of Random Drug Testing

Eliminate Bias

When employers use a random selection process, they make sure there’s no bias. All employees have an equal opportunity of being selected from the pool, even the ones who might have recently undergone testing. 

Prevent Drug Use During Employment

Random drug testing means that employees won’t know if and when drug testing will take place. This aspect of risk and chance acts as a deterrent to drug use during employment. 

Ensure a Safer Workplace   

If your employees are using drugs while working with power tools or heavy equipment, there’s a high level of risk involved. Random drug screening ensures that employees aren’t under the influence and affirms their ability to handle potentially dangerous equipment. This testing will help reduce accidents and create a safer work environment for everyone, including the public.   

Create a Stable Workplace

Employers can also create a more stable workplace by utilizing a random drug testing program. Drug use can cause decreased productivity at work, as well as tardiness, absenteeism, and a higher turnover rate for employment. Random screening in your workplace can help remove these problems so you can have hard-working, consistent employees. 

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