What Does an MRO Do?

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In the occupational health field, medical review officers (MRO) play a very important role throughout the employee drug testing process. Using an MRO helps protect both the employer and the employees. Today on the blog, Dr. Gil elaborates on the role and responsibilities of an MRO. 

What Is a Medical Review Officer?

An MRO is a licensed medical doctor who has special training in substance abuse testing. He or she works directly with the employer and laboratory to carefully address and examine the data and results of the drug screen. An MRO must be impartial and advocate for the integrity and accuracy of the drug testing process. 

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What Does an MRO Do?

The general duties and responsibilities of an MRO include:

  • Reviewing the results of the drug test
  • Evaluating medical explanations for certain results
  • Reporting the verified result to the state agency
  • Providing feedback to the employer, laboratory, collection site, or federal agency on any problems
  • Determining whether further testing is required
  • Keeping all records and drug testing information confidential 


A positive drug test result does not automatically mean that the individual has been using drugs. So, the MRO applies his/her expertise to interpret any alternate medical explanations for the results.

Specimens may be reported as positive, adulterated, substituted, invalid, or rejected. When a specimen is reported as negative, the MRO must review it properly and also report it to the state agency. 

What Is an MRO Review at Dr. Gil’s?

An MRO review is a required procedure for every DOT drug test to guarantee accurate and impartial results. A federally certified laboratory will review the drug tests and non-negative test results, which can take about 3-5 days. After he receives the lab report, Dr. Gil will verify the information. Then, during the MRO review, he will present his final result as either a positive or a negative. Employees who test positive will need to be evaluated by a substance abuse professional (SAP). 

If you have more questions about our drug screening process, our friendly team is here to help.

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