What Is Drug Screening?

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Businesses of all sizes perform drug screening and testing to identify employees who arrive at work under the influence of drugs. Employees who use drugs are not only less productive, but they are also more likely to miss work and suffer on-the-job injuries. Drug screens are one of the best ways to keep your workplace safe and productive, but what exactly is a drug screen? Today, Dr. Gil defines drug screening and provides an overview of the different types of drug screens.      

What Is a Drug Screen?

A drug screen is used to determine the use of illicit drugs, substances of abuse (including some prescription medication), among other contaminants.

When Should You Drug Test Employees?

There are many different types of drug screens that can be used for multiple purposes, including post-accident, pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, and more.

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Urine Drug Screening

Urine drug screens are the most popular type due to their simple collection process, detection window, and low costs. At Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care, we collect a urine sample at our facility and send it to a SAMHSA certified lab for screening. The results usually take 24-48 hours, on average, unless further testing is required. 

Saliva Drug Screening

A saliva drug screen involves a swab of the mouth to test for many substances, including marijuana, opiates, cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine, amphetamine, and PCP. Saliva drug screens have a shorter drug detection period than urine drug screens. The detection window for THC in the saliva is only 7-21 hours.

Hair Testing

In some situations, hair follicle testing can serve as a backup for urine testing. You may wonder how a strand of hair can detect whether an employee used a drug months ago. Drug use leaves behind metabolites in the blood, which are filtered through blood vessels in the scalp, and stay within the hair follicle forever. During hair drug testing, some of the substances tested are amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and marijuana. 

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