What Should I Expect During a Pre-Employment Physical?

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After completing initial job interviews, the company usually expects the applicant to undergo a pre-employment physical exam. Before they start working, it’s essential to confirm that he or she is physically fit enough to do the job. The team at Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care is here to help. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, here’s what you should expect from a pre-employment physical exam.

Expectations for Employees 

Our pre-employment physicals will differ based on the occupation, but we typically do the following during the exam:

  • Record the height, weight, pulse, and blood pressure
  • Ask if he/she is currently taking any medications/supplements and record their relevant medical and lifestyle history
  • Check reflexes, heart, lungs, joints, eyes, ears, and more

The employee or applicant may also expect to provide urine samples and or blood draws depending on employer-specific requests. If you or one of your employees has a problem with needles, let our staff know.    

Expectations for Employers

Have you offered someone a job that involves driving or operating heavy machinery? Truck drivers, for example, need to maintain focus for long hours and distances. Therefore, you must only hire drug-free applicants to ensure safety on the road and at your facility.

As a reputable occupational health services provider, Dr. Gil’s has established long-lasting relationships with many employers in Springfield. We’ll test your employees for drugs and alcohol as part of the pre-employment exam. We can cater to any of your needs, so coordinate with Dr. Gil and we can conduct all the necessary tests to make sure you have a safe and productive workplace.   

What Else Should I Know?

A pre-employment physical also gives the individual a clear idea of how healthy they are at a specific point in time. In some situations, a general physical uncovers a pre-existing medical condition. If this occurs, our staff will send your applicant or employee to a specialist or their primary care physician for further evaluation and treatment.    

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What to Bring

Before you visit Dr. Gil’s Immediate Care, please collect any paperwork from your employer, including this Employer Authorization Form. We also ask that you bring a valid driver’s license or employer-issued badge, and a list of any current medications. We’ll ask general questions about your health and lifestyle to better understand your medical history.

For more questions about what to expect during a physical exam, call 417-869-8000 or contact us online.

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The skilled healthcare team at Dr. Gil’s is glad to help you with your pre-employment physical. You can find our facility at 3000 E. Division St., Springfield, MO 65802 (across from Springfield Freightliner & Kum N’ Go). We’re open 6 days a week, and no appointment is necessary. Give us a call at 417-869-8000 or stop by and see us!



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